In 2017 the Hunebedcentrum (Borger, NL) commissioned me to make scenes of what life looked like with the Funelbeakerculture that built the megalithic grave monuments hunebedden.

Make-up: Ilse Hoen

Special thanks to stoneage shaman Philip van der Zee (Muziek en Verteltheater Donderelf)
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The first permanent dwellings in the northern part of today's Netherlands were built by people from the Funnelbeaker culture. Most of their daily life was…
Life wasn't always fun in this era. Traces of violence have also been found, as can be seen in the museum, like cleaved in skulls.
We don't know the belief system of the Funnelbeaker people. We do have findings though of objects that were most likely offered to the water, like funnelbeaker…
Though the Funnelbeaker people were the first farmers, an important part of their diet still came from hunting game and gathering food from the wild.
The Hunebedden are grave monuments. A Hunebed wasn't built for just one person. For up to a couple of hundreds of years, burials kept being added. In this…